Flat earth, curvature from space

In this flat earth video: TERRE PLATE !! LA PREUVE sous vos nez 👃 !!

We see a U2 plane in the edge of space, where we can see the earth. Flat earthers say there’s no curve. But compressing the image horizontally, the curve is there. Here’s a snapshot, intact.


Here is the same image, compressed horizontally.


Here’s another snapshot with the intact image and compressed, side by side.


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FE reflections on curved surfaces

For some reason, flat earthers say that reflection on a curved surface is impossible. Some attempted to prove this with a mirror inside a box and shooting a laser at it. However, his setup was incomprehensible as much as his explanation. I tried a little experiment to show that such reflections are possible on a curved surface. I don’t know if it disproves the flat earth claim.

Reflections on a curved surface

The video shows a reflection on a flat screen monitor and on a couple of curved screen monitors.

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Z80 Monsputer: Bus manager and probe


There are 2 new boards for the Z80 Monsputer; one is a bus manager (at top) and the other is a bus probe for a logic analyser.

The bus manager can be used for single stepping through the code by pulling down the Ready/!Wait line of the Z80 CPU. The management is done by an Atmel ATmega328pb clocked at 16 MHz. The other chip is a CPLD implementing a 48-bit SPI shift register to read the bus signals and controling the Ready/!Wait line.

The user interface is done with a serial port.

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Z80 Monsputer: CPU board cleanup

I posted some pictures of the Monsputer CPU board, which had numerous ugly patches. By subsituting a smaller chip with more pins, I was able to put all the glue logic in the CPLD. Here is the top and bottom pictures. Much cleaner … well, for a manually routed PCB. Also, a Dalas DS1312 makes a better circuit for powering the CMOS 8K RAM.


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Earth’s orbit

Here is a common concept among flat earthers: the Earth circles the Sun. In order to keep up and pass it (circle it) Earth must speed up to pass, and then slow down once it’s passed (circled).

It’s partly true. That’s the acceleration component along one axis.

There is also another component of this acceleration along a perpendicular axis: once it’s passed the sun (in one side) it accelerates and slows down to get to the other side.

These 2 components combine into a circle, or a vector that’s oriented towards the center of the orbit. You can see clearly the principle here:



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Antarctica cup proves the globe earth


“The Racetrack outer and inner boundaries are located on latitude 45° South and latitude 60° South making the Racetrack 900 nautical miles wide. The Southern Ocean officially starts below latitude 60° South (International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) www.iho.shom.fr/ . Latitude 60° South is also the border of the Antarctic Treaty Organisation www.antarctica.ac.uk/aboutantarctica/treaty

Here are my calculations: in the globe earth model;

S45 latitude would give a circle of 2π * 6371km * cos 45°= 28300km = 17600 miles,

S60 latitude would give a circle of 2π * 6371km * cos 60°= 20000km = 12400 miles.

In the flat earth model;

S45 latitude would give a circle of 2π² * 6371km * (180°-45°)/180° = 94308km = 58600 miles,

S60 latitude would give a circle of 2π² * 6371km * (180°-30°)/180° = 105000km = 65000 miles.

“Konyukhov came through it all unscathed, returning to King George Sound at 02: 56:50 UTC (10:56:50 WST) to record a time of 102 days 00 hours 56 minutes 50secs for this 16,400 mile circuit of Antarctica.”

The race data clearly proves a globe earth.

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Mitosis in a prepared microscope slide

A long while ago (late 70’s) in high school, I was observing a prepared microscope slide on a microscope. We had to draw a picture of a cell. Like finding a 4-leaf clover, I stumbled over a cell frozen during a mitosis. It looked like the phase 4 or 5 in this picture:

The teacher didn’t believe me so I made a more “normal” drawing!

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