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JTAG-DP Sticky errors when programming flash on LM3S101

I kept getting sticky errors when programming the flash on a Luminary Micro LM3S101 except when programming blinky.bin (412 bytes). A junk file with same length worked as well. Longer files kept giving sticky errors. In Stellaris.cfg, changing the frequency … Continue reading

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Idea for power switch inside computer

When turning a computer on, the main switch is located at the rear of the machine, where it’s convenient to cut off the main power: where it comes in. The market provides power input modules: the main cable is plugged … Continue reading

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Floating point routines for Z80 in assembler

I’m currently writing some floating point routines in assembler for the Z80. I started a long time ago with a book from Neill Graham. The title is “Microprocessor Programming for Computer Hobbyists”. Tab Books No. 952 ISBN 0-8306-6952-3. The routines … Continue reading

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