Idea for power switch inside computer

When turning a computer on, the main switch is located at the rear of the machine, where it’s convenient to cut off the main power: where it comes in.

The market provides power input modules: the main cable is plugged in this module installed at the rear of the computer (or any electrical appliance). The module can have all the convenient features and the power switch integrated, but for the main switch, this makes the location inconvenient.

An interesting idea would be to put the main switch at the front, but for manufacturing, it causes many problems. Among many solutions, such as running a plastic extension to push a switch inside the power supply, running electrical wires to a switch on the front panel, yet another possibility would be a mechanical wire similar to a bicycle brake or an extension for triggering a camera when taking still pictures.

To be convenient, this idea would require some standards to be inter-operable between the front panel switch and the power supply. The mechanical wire could be clipped into a micro-switch on the supply side and into a push button on the front panel side.

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