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Altera Quartus, combining Verilog and VHDL

In my previous post, I ported the Multicomp from Grant Searle to an Altera Cyclone II FPGA platform. The Multicomp peripheral are quite minimal, and I wished to use the on board facilities. Code for these were supplied in Verilog. … Continue reading

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Z80 Basic computer on a FPGA

I bought an Altera Cyclone FPGA RCQ208 development board (clone) on eBay a while ago. I ported the Multicomp project from Grant Searle for this platform.This is a minimal port: 1K internal RAM, a single UART, no video but support … Continue reading

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Z80 Monsputer interconnect

This board does all the interconnect outside the bus connector. It has buffers to make ports 0x50 to 0x53 as tristate buffers. The circuit in the lower section converts ports 50-53 to hexadecimal for a VFD display.

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Z80 Monsputer: CPU board

The Z80 Monsputer has of course a CPU. It went from several iterations of design over the years. This is probably not the last one because of the ugly patches. Z80 CPU running at 4 MHz 6850 main UART 8253 … Continue reading

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