Z80 Monsputer: CPU board

The Z80 Monsputer has of course a CPU. It went from several iterations of design over the years. This is probably not the last one because of the ugly patches.

  • Z80 CPU running at 4 MHz
  • 6850 main UART
  • 8253 for UART baud rate and buzzer sound
  • 6821 for use with the interconnect board
  • 8K EPROM or EEPROM for the BIOS
  • 6264 8K RAM with battery backup
  • 3 x 32k RAM
  • ATF1504AS CPLD for the glue logic

The CPLD chip isn’t big enough for the task, I had to put some ugly patches to make this work and this would need a redesign of this board to make it cleaner.




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