Nobody saw this coming

Nobody saw this coming.

I don’t know how all of this began and when. Trump was reelected with a surprising majority. Or maybe before, when flat earthers reemerged on the web, proclaiming the earth is flat, based on old unscientific books written long before modern science.

Or how the internet web was beginning to have shitty content of people mutilating themselves or attempting to do all sorts of crazy stuff. You may not know this, reader in the future, but the internet allowed us to share almost everything on cyberspace. It allowed all the computers of the whole planet to communicate with all others. And I’m not even talking about the dark web. Who knows what’s on this and I don’t even want to know. Considering the horrific things we get in the news, one can only think that there must be horrifying stuff beyond imagination. Anyway, enough of that.

There was also all that craze about the zombie apocalypse, but of course, it’s just fiction. There was a tremendous increase of violence everywhere. The radical islamists, the numerous shootings in the United-States, etc. The web was regularly predicting the end of the world each year without success, fortunately. The 4 Blood Moons (just a natural phenomenon), the Rapture (it never happened), the Angel Trumpets (fakes). There was so much conspiracies everywhere that nothing seemed believable anymore. Nasa, Moon landings, ISS, pictures from space, and so many more.
It may not be surprising that if the USA was a culture of fakes, US citizens grew tired of all this fakery. YouTube was merely a vent for all those frustrations.

Many virus appeared after the AIDS virus. Fortunately, with modern science, medicine could annihilate even AIDS. But this …

But all that was nothing, compared to that thing. Nobody knows what it is exactly, but it must not touch you in any way or you’re done (I don’t know for sure). The best comparison I can say is that it’s as if a hacker exploited all the biological backdoors of your body. It may rot you, or transform you into a zombie, or whatever else. Yet, I’m not sure, it’s still matter of speculations. We don’t know all the possible vectors of propagation of that horrible thing.
I don’t know how it looks like. The only thing I know is that your instinct kicks in and you have a feeling there is something horribly wrong going on. Pretty much like the suspense music when there is something about to happen.

I don’t know how this will end and if the readers in the future will even be humajkhlkgjjhvm   hgljgjhg    helpjgjklgjkghjkg     oi;lkj;ljlj            fdgsfsa54……………………………….

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