Water does stick to a “ball”!

Recently, NASA showed a video of an astronaut washing his head. While the guy was bald, this was an interesting demonstration often requested by flat earthers.

Flat earthers say ‘water seeks its level’ and so on. They don’t believe gravity exists, and find absurd that water curves around the earth. As attempts of experiment, they pour water on a ball expecting it to stick to the ball. The experiment simply fails because the gravity of the ball is much weaker than the 9.8m/s² acceleration of the real earth.

For these experiments to have any value, it should be repeated in space.

We know that surface tension is stronger than gravity at human scale. But for the purpose of the argument, water can be shaped into a ball, no matter what kind of force is involved.

Here is the link to NASA’s video below:

Water does stick to a “ball”!

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