The moon and the globe earth

I took this picture of the moon a few days ago. From the angle of the moon, we can see that the sun’s light comes from “below the flat earth disk”. This wouldn’t fit with a flat earth model, for which both the sun and the moon are always above the disk.


Moon around midnight a few days ago


Another flat earther claim is the discrepancy between the continents size.

There is an image explaining this discrepancy, but apparently, some flat earthers are not knowledgeable in photography.

Globe comparison with distanceGlobe comparison with distance

I reproduced this myself with a Canon Coolpix:


Photo of a globe from about 30 cm (1 foot)


Photo from about 1.3 m (4 feet)

On this photo, I zoomed in to bring the globe to the same size as the first picture. We can clearly see the “discrepancy” in size. The images are ‘as is’ from the camera. No photoshop, no fakery, no NASA, no freemasonry.

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