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Some (unsuccessful) experiments with magnetic bearings

In the confrontation of the globe earth and flat earth models, still believed by many religious oriented people or uneducated conspirationists, the flat earth supposedly doesn’t rotate, because we can’t feel it. It doesn’t occur to flat earthists that the … Continue reading

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Water does stick to a “ball”!

Recently, NASA showed a video of an astronaut washing his head. While the guy was bald, this was an interesting demonstration often requested by flat earthers. Flat earthers say ‘water seeks its level’ and so on. They don’t believe gravity … Continue reading

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Assembler trick: inline strings

Quite often, we need to send strings to a computer. Usually, there is a section in your code where you define the message with a label: ;string is terminated with null MsgHelloWorld: .asciz “Hello World!\r\n” ;subroutine to print strings putstr: … Continue reading

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Can a rock reflect light?

Many flat earth advocates mention that the moon emits its own light because rocks “don’t reflect light”.  I’ve done an experiment. Here’s a decent rock. Not black, not white, just a reasonable gray. The experiment setup: a white melamin board … Continue reading

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AVR Man and Wasteman

For those reading my previous post, I’m still alive! (And human!) While I’m tinkering with various processors, one of my favorites is the Atmel microcontrollers. A while ago, they had some comicbook style hero called AVR Man and his nemesis … Continue reading

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Nobody saw this coming

Nobody saw this coming. I don’t know how all of this began and when. Trump was reelected with a surprising majority. Or maybe before, when flat earthers reemerged on the web, proclaiming the earth is flat, based on old unscientific … Continue reading

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Spinning ball model

If we were to reproduce a spinning ball holding water, we should have gravitation exceeding the centrifugal acceleration (300 times stronger normally). The gravity (acceleration) holding the water should be: g = Gm1/R². Since we will scale down the model, … Continue reading

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