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Assembler trick: inline strings

Quite often, we need to send strings to a computer. Usually, there is a section in your code where you define the message with a label: ;string is terminated with null MsgHelloWorld: .asciz “Hello World!\r\n” ;subroutine to print strings putstr: … Continue reading

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AVR Man and Wasteman

For those reading my previous post, I’m still alive! (And human!) While I’m tinkering with various processors, one of my favorites is the Atmel microcontrollers. A while ago, they had some comicbook style hero called AVR Man and his nemesis … Continue reading

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Breadboard friendly module

I made a small PCB with an ATmega169, a 4-digit 7-segment LCD and 5 switchs. The Eagle project is available in the download project section at CADSOFT. The project file contains some programs in assembler. This project has a page … Continue reading

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